Tues. Nov 20 th

Transit party went out and started lumbering location bak of town here. Hill and Iworked on estimate of last section all day. Wrote to Charlotte Perkins. Developing machine came from Manila. Farnham and Cooper started on a reconnaissance trip from Cabancalan over the mountains to Dumaguete. Fair all day.

Mon. Nov. 19 th

Went out in the forenoon and ran about a mile the last end of preliminary on this end. Came in and worked on estimates in afternoon. Start locations to-morrow. Fine dall but rained at night.

Sun. Nov. 18 th

Laid round camp as usual. Dr. Hagen here. Had a great time photographing some kids in the morning. Wrote to Ma, June and Ed Gilbert. Fine day all day.

Sat. Nov. 17 th

Finished yesterdays line and then started back to Himamaylan. Got nearly there at noon and in P.M. worked on a short piece of line below town. Came into camp early. Pretty glad to get home again. Dr. Hagen in camp and everybody was lined up for medical inspection. I was about the only one that didn’t have sore feet. Got telegram from E.J. saying start at Cabancalan and locate northward so we will probably go on location some time next week. Had a big time in Iloilo the 14 th starting construction. Fine weather all the week and roads are pretty well dried up. Got a letter from Abbie and Ma to-night.

Fri. Nov. 16 th

Went back almost to Suay and ran another line into Cabancalan. Fine day.

Wed. Nov. 14 th

Went back to Benequel nad ran a line out the other side of town. Patsy laid up with sore feet and Gard chained. Ran about four miles. Cabancalan a good place. A barrio of Ilog and located on the bank of the Ilog River, the biggest river in the province, almost as large as the Connecticut River at Hanover. Fine day all day.

Thurs. Nov.15 th

Ran yesterdays line on further and meandered the river for a ways and set two permanent hubs at the end of the line as Cabancalan will probably be the end of the line. Fine day all day; sure having fine weather these days. Nights almost as cool as September nights at home.