Saturday, April 21st, 1906

Left New York for Kansas City over the Del. Loc. to Western, at 10:15. Went up through Scranton and Binghamton to Buffalo which we struck about 8:30. Went to bed at Buffalo.

43 - 49 Exchange Place,
New York City.

April 5, 1906

Mr. T. A. Hatch,
363 West 123rd St.,
New York City.

Dear Sir:

We offer you the position as Assistant to Topographer in connection with the surveys of the Phillipine Railways. Upon the completion of surveys, you will be assigned to a position on construction, either at the same remuneration or better, depending on yourself and the needs of the work, which will likely extend over a period of three or four years. The salary is $80.00 a month and subsistence in Camp.
Your acceptance of this offer requires that you report to Mr. L. E. Bennet at the Savoy Hotel, Kansas City, Mo., April 23rd, from where transportation in special Tourist sleeper has been engaged to the Pacific sailing port, from there by first-class cabin to Manila.
The Company will pay all your traveling expenses from place of engagement and your salary from the 23rd of April. You will please secure receipts for such Railroad fares and sleeper ticket as it is necessary for you to purchase by the most direct route to Kansas City, ONLY.

Page Two.

At Kansas City the Company will request that you sign a contract embodying the retention of 25% of your salary until $300.00 is retained, the cost of your passage out - that amount returnable if you remain in the Company's service for two years.
The Company furnishes medical attendance and after two years' service pays your return passage.
Please wire me, Care J. G. WHITE & COMPANY, your decision to accept or decline this offer.

Yours very truly,

E. J. Brand
Chief Engineer
Phillipine Island Railway Construction