Monday 30th

Got up early and had to wait about three hours for breakfast. No more early rising for mine until we strike dry land again. We are out of sight of land now. A little bit sea-sick. I felt a little dizzy at times but got in my three squares all right. They had about a dozen meals aboard this ship. First there is a lunch which the cabin boy brings to your state room; then there is a breakfast at 8:30; then "tiffin" or lunch at 1:00; then tea at four in the dining saloon; then dinner at 6:30; and then a lunch at 10:00 for those who happen to be up as late as that. It was a little bit rough to-day but the ship is so wide that you notice the motion very little. The wind blew hard all day and toward night it set in foggy. Some of the crowd saw a whale this morning or said they did. The crew had a fire and boat drill in the P.M. They are all chinks and it must be a devil of a job to get any service out of them. Stood watching the office to-day and had a talk with Mr. Beard. Tried my hand at ring toss, shuffle board and another game they play by throwing biscuits at a board with the numbered squares marked on it. For the time ending at noon to-day the ship made 302 knots.