Monday Aug. 6th

Stayed in camp and helped Worthington on the projected profile. I was caught up with the transit party so there was nothing for me to do in the field. Went up to the saw mill in the P.M and made me a topog. Rod. Shaved and Worthington clipped my hair for the first time since we left Iloilo. Saw some alligators in the river at night and we tied a dog on the bank and tried for a shot at them but didn't ________. Hughes and Porter came back from up river and spent the night with us again. Hot as blazes all day.

Sun. Aug. 5th

Mr. Farnham, Patsy, Weston and I went up to the saw mill above here on the river. Stopped at Gil Lopez hacienda on the way up and had refreshments. Got to the mill about ten and stayed until about 3:30. Had a good chow with napkins and a table cloth. Came back and wrote to Helen & to Boston. Mr. Hughes and a Scotchman who has been here since '91 came over in the evening and stayed all night. Fine all day and rained during the night.

Sat. Aug. 4th

Had any easy time. Took 1500 ft. of topog. In a swamp with water above my knees about half the day. Saw a bunch of monkeys Wrote to Andy and to Jr. Had a fine big total eclipse of the moon at night. No rain at all.

Fri. Aug. 3rd

Ran two mi. of topog. And meandered the Guimaghou River for about a mile. Transit party struck a swamp and only ran 2000 feet. I got through and got into camp by 3:30. Rained a little in P.M. Big cloud of grasshoppers on the hacienda. There is an American ex-soldier on this hacienda working as a foreman at a peso a day.

Wed. Aug. 1st

Fair in A.M. Rained in P.M. hard and had to quit early and come in. I got ahead of my two hombres and got lost; thought I never would find camp; these Filipino paths seem to all go in when it rains. Roberts came from Cadiz at night with mail. Got a letter from Boston. A telegram came from Beard appointing me topographer and ordering me to report to Hogue on Puay but Farnnham is going to keep me here. Everybody is sick in Hogue's party except the transitman.

Thurs. Aug. 2nd

Fair in A.M. Rain in P.M. Only had 43 stations to do and got into camp at noon. Worked a little in the afternoon locating the river. Transit party ran about 2 mi. Figured up month's work yesterday. We ran 49.9 mi. at a cost of $34.08 per mile.

Tues. July 31st In Camp

Rain in morning and at night. Took two mi. of top. Moved camp from Cadiz to the Lopez hacienda on the Guinaghou River.

Mon. July 30th

Fair all day. Only had a mile to do and got into camp about 2:30. Came in by boat down the river and through swamp. Fine moonlight night. We move to-morrow.

Sunday 29th

Sailing part of the day. Wrote to Ma. Rain in P.M. Gord rode back to Manapla and coming back he got lost and pulled in here at 2 A.M.