Fri. August 31st

Ran some spur lines to get topography of land for terminal, and finished up at night just as it started to rain. I still have 20 sta to take so hope it won't rain long. Roberts and Rosario went back with the pack train. Telegraph line here is out of order so we can't get word of any steamer to take us back to Silay and we may have to walk.

Thurs. Aug. 30th

Ran about three miles and brought the line to an end on the docks at Dauao at sta 2565 +. Have a little more work around here then back to Silay. Fine day all day. Got a letter from Anderson on Cebu. They are going to start construction in September over there.

Wed Aug. 29th

Escalante. Moved into Escalante. Line about two miles from the town as yet. Ran about a mile this morning and got into a swamp so went back and started a new line and White and I quit and came into camp. Got mail from the States and I got letters from Ma, Ab, Bertha, and Couley. We are living in the convent here with the padre.

Tues. Aug. 28th

Ran 2 1/2 miles and are almost in sight of Escalante. Ought to reach there to-morrow. Move to-morrow. Cloudy and cool all day.

Mon. Aug. 27th

Ran two miles and quit opposite camp about a mile out. Fair all day. Not much doing.

Sun Aug. 26th

Laid around camp all day and wrote to Ma, Jo, and Poobs. Old Juan got fired for being drunk. Rained in the P.M. Rosario got back from Iloilo. Got papers but no letters or mail.

Sat. Aug. 25th

In camp at Jomb-Jomb. Moved in from Hoffer's place after work. Are living in the biggest shack in the barrio. It is a pretty place, set up on a hill right on the banks of the Damao River. The best thing about the place is that it is only four miles from Escalante.

Fri. Aug 24th

In tall grass and wild bananas all day so thick you couldn't see ten feet either side of the line. About half way between the Tamao River and Jomb-Jomb. Move to-morrow, and by Wednesday night we ought to be in Escalante. No rain to-day.

Thurs. Aug 23rd

Took 90 sta. of rough country. Transit party got lost coming in and came in after dark. Rained in the P.M.