Sat. Aug. 18th

Took a little topog down in the swamp and got into camp early. Fair day all day. Rosario pretty well banged up. We had two hombres who called themselves the municipal police over here from Cadiz. They were barefooted and carried old Springfields. They had a good feed and went back to Cadiz without doing anything.

Fri. Aug. 17th

Went back and ran P-line from near Cadiz. Rained some during the day and all night. Got letter from Abbie dated July 11th. Old Rosario was over at Lopez house in the morning playing cards. One of the hombres got sore on him and laid for him when he came back to camp and policed him up in great shape. Gave him a bad cut on the head.

Thurs. Aug 16th

Went back pretty near to Cadiz and ran P-line crossing the river to the north of camp. Rained in the morning and all night. Got supplies from Iloilo and had a fine chow at night of mutton stew and real spuds.

Wed. Aug. 15th

Worked half a day and got in camp in time for lunch. Transit party ran O-line and it is no go. We have got to go almost back to Cadiz and try for a crossing away below here. Fair and hot all day.

Tues. Aug. 14th

Still looking for a line out of this cussed valley, guess we never will get out. Fair and hot all day. Out with the transit party running in some shore lines for topography. Mr. Farnham and Cooper went out ahead looking for a place to get down the ridge ahead. We may have to go back to Cadiz.

Mon. Aug. 13th

Hot all day. Had some rough topography way up in the woods. Seems like we never would get out of this valley. We have been here two weeks to-day trying to find a way out. We thought our line to-day would carry us out but it is in good and we may have to go clear back to Cadiz.

Sun. Aug. 12th

Hughes spent the day with us. We got paid off for June in the A.M. Hill and I went up to Faroau in the P.M. Saw Nichols. Wrote to Ma and to Abbie. Fair and hot all day.

Sat. Aug. 11

Fair and hot all day. First day with an assistant and it seemed good. Took 76 sta. of topog. On M-line. Hughes came over in the evening. Got mail from home, one letter from Ma.

Thurs. Aug. 9th

Pretty rough country to-day. Line in the big woods. Transit party on N-line. Having a hard time trying to get across the river on a .6 grade. Rained in the morning and hot the rest of the day.

Fri. Aug. 10th

Mr. Beard made his first visit to camp. Came down in the C.G._____.Had Brammert and tow other men with him. Brought my new assistant with him. Fair all day.

Wed. Aug.8th

Out on the line again. Took 74 stations of the roughest country I have had yet. Pretty hot all day and no rain. Mail came in from Cady at night and I got a letter from Abbie and one from Ira written soon after Pa died. Poor dear mother it must have been hard for her.

Tues. Aug. 7th

Didn't have any topography to take so staid in camp all day taking life easy. Wrote to Art Ward. Hot and fair all day.