Tues. Nov 20 th

Transit party went out and started lumbering location bak of town here. Hill and Iworked on estimate of last section all day. Wrote to Charlotte Perkins. Developing machine came from Manila. Farnham and Cooper started on a reconnaissance trip from Cabancalan over the mountains to Dumaguete. Fair all day.

Mon. Nov. 19 th

Went out in the forenoon and ran about a mile the last end of preliminary on this end. Came in and worked on estimates in afternoon. Start locations to-morrow. Fine dall but rained at night.

Sun. Nov. 18 th

Laid round camp as usual. Dr. Hagen here. Had a great time photographing some kids in the morning. Wrote to Ma, June and Ed Gilbert. Fine day all day.

Sat. Nov. 17 th

Finished yesterdays line and then started back to Himamaylan. Got nearly there at noon and in P.M. worked on a short piece of line below town. Came into camp early. Pretty glad to get home again. Dr. Hagen in camp and everybody was lined up for medical inspection. I was about the only one that didn’t have sore feet. Got telegram from E.J. saying start at Cabancalan and locate northward so we will probably go on location some time next week. Had a big time in Iloilo the 14 th starting construction. Fine weather all the week and roads are pretty well dried up. Got a letter from Abbie and Ma to-night.

Fri. Nov. 16 th

Went back almost to Suay and ran another line into Cabancalan. Fine day.

Wed. Nov. 14 th

Went back to Benequel nad ran a line out the other side of town. Patsy laid up with sore feet and Gard chained. Ran about four miles. Cabancalan a good place. A barrio of Ilog and located on the bank of the Ilog River, the biggest river in the province, almost as large as the Connecticut River at Hanover. Fine day all day.

Thurs. Nov.15 th

Ran yesterdays line on further and meandered the river for a ways and set two permanent hubs at the end of the line as Cabancalan will probably be the end of the line. Fine day all day; sure having fine weather these days. Nights almost as cool as September nights at home.

Tues. Nov. 13 th

Ran line from Benequel into Cabancalan and mapped the town in the afternoon. Living with Ise. The school teacher. Has a fine house and a piazza with a big hammock on it. Fine day all day.

Mon. Nov. 12 th

Got up early and packed up for a flying trip to Cabancalan. Ran line as far as barrio of Benequel and got into Cabancalan about sun down. Road nothing but a strip of mud between two rows of tigbau grass. Fine day all day.

Sunday Nov. 11

Laid round all day as usual. Wrote to Ma, Ab. And Roy, sent Ma $14.75. Didn’t rain much to-day. Night made hideous by a crazy woman and several dogs. Start on another canned salmon trip to Ilog to-morrow.

Sat. Nov 10 th

Whole crowd recovered and went out on line again to-day. Barber is rodding now and I have Gard with me. It rained in P.M. so Gard and I came in early. Patsy has a big boil on his leg. Roads a sea of mud; shall be glad when we get some decent weather.

Fri. Nov. 9 th

Party in camp again to-day working on estimates. ___ all feeling better. Townsend came down to lunch. Rained all day.

Wed. Nov. 7 th

Felt better to-day. Gard came in sick in morning adding to the hospital effect of the building. Hill came in early sick and soon after Patsy came in with his feet so sore he could hardly walk. Only rained a little to-day.

Thurs. Nov. 8 th

The whole crowd was more or less on the bum to-day so everybody stayed in and worked on the estimates. It rained hard in the afternoon and all the night. We got a bunch of mail in the afternoon and I got letters from Ma, Abbie, Roy, June and Ralph Wilder all dated around Sept 10th to 20th. Abbie and Austin sent me three boxes of Dill’s tobacco as a birthday present and Roy sent me a couple plugs of Lucky Strike.

Tues. Nov. 6 th

Laid round all day feeling pretty bum. Cooper sick and Worthington under the weather so Farnham telegraphed to Dr. Carson to come over. Thinks I have a touch of catarrh of the bowels. Pay for September came in the afternoon.

Mon. Nov. 5th

Left Binalbagan and came down to Himanaylau. Had an omnibus and a swift bull and covered the seven miles in a little under four hours. Seemed good to get back to the bunch. Cooper came in sick just after I got here. Didn’t rain to-day, something wrong.

Sun. Nov. 4 th

Laid round on the cot all day feeling pretty bum, but managed to write to Ma. Rained in morning but cleared about noon and looks as though the rainy season is over.

Sat. Nov. 3 rd

Feeling a little better to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Have a little appetite but my bowels are still sore and lame. Still raining hard. Got some mail in P.M. and I got two letters from Ma, one from Abbie and a whole bunch of newspapers.

Thurs. Nov. 1st

Sick all day, slept a little in afternoon. Still cold and rainy.

Friday Nov 2 nd

Party moved to Himanaylau. I was too sick to go so moved my cot over to Townsends’s, the Am. teacher here. Felt a little better in P.M. Still raining.

Wed. Oct. 31 st

Went out on line but came in at noon sick as blazes. Same way as I was at Nagasaki. Didn’t sleep any all night. Rained hard all day. Guess this dry season business is a fake.

Tues. Oct. 30 th

Went out on line and did yesterday’s and to-days work and moved into Bimalbagou at night. Cold and rainy.

Mon. Oct. 29th

Weston and I stayed in camp and worked on the estimates all day. Cool and cloudy all day and thunder shower in afternoon.

Sun. Oct. 28th

Laid around all day enjoying a good smoke of tobacco that Mr. Farnham brought down from Manila. Wrote to Ma and to Berry. Took some pictures and had a good swim in P.M. Fine day all day but rained at night. Pretty hot all day.

Sat. Oct 27th

Ran about four miles on I-line and came into Guinigirau at night. Found camp here and Mr. Farnham back once more with news from Manila. We start locating back from Himamaylau and construction starts in the spring.

Thurs. Oct. 20 th

Left La Carlota on another canned-salmon trip as Hill calls them. Ran G-line straight ahead and got up into the foot hills so abandoned it. Stayed over night at a little barrio and the house was so infested with ants and mosquitos that none of us slept at all.

Fri. Oct. 21 st

Started out on I-line toward Guinigirau. Ran two miles and camped in the barrio of San Isidro. The town band gave us a serenade the first part of the night and the dogs kept us awake the rest of the night. Fine weather these days. The north monsoon is on now and the back of the rainy season is about broken.

Wed. Oct. 24th

Went out and ran G-line up into the mountains. Walked nine miles back to camp. Capt. Bowers of the constabulary, Pittman, and Shirard took supper with us. Farnham not back yet. Move to-morrow. Fine day but hot.

Tues. Oct. 23rd

Went out in the forenoon and took four miles of easy topog and got in soon after noon. Fine day all day. In the service six months to-day, only eighteen months more to serve.

Mon. Oct. 22nd

Stayed in camp and helped Worthington with the estimate. Sent a roll of film and ten pesos to Manila. Ordered a developing outfit. Fine day all day.

Sun. Oct. 21st

Fine cool day. Went to walk and took some pictures around town in the morning. In P.M. Gard and I took a ride on the tramway in a car drawn by bull power. Took some pictures of it for the company. Shirard and Gallagher of the gov’t. farm in for lunch. Farnham arrived in Bacolod with his bride.

Fri. Oct. 19th

Crossed the Bago River and ran about two miles toward La Carlota. The King Crab joined us about ten A.M. full of large stories of his hardships on the reconnaissance south. Rained hard about three and we quit and came on into the old camp. Seemed like getting home once more. Found mail in camp and I got letters dated about Sept. 1 st from Ma, Abbie, and Carrie.

Sat. Oct. 20th

Ran F-line into town in the morning and in the afternoon made a survey of the town. My camera came from Manila. Rained in the afternoon.

Thurs. Oct. 18th

Got up early and started out to look for Barber and breakfast. Walked until about nine o’clock and finally located him only a mile from where we spent the night. Ate up half the supplies for breakfast, the other half for dinner two hours later and went out and ran two miles in the P.M.

Tues. Oct. 16th

Started at B730 and ran about three miles on F line to Sumag River. Barber went into Bacolod but got no mail.

Wed. Oct. 17th

Ran 5 ½ miles, breaking the record. Barber moved the camp to the Bago River but we missed connections with him and had the pleasure of making supper of rice and fish and sleeping on the bare floor of a barrio school house. These fly by night trips not all they are cracked up to be.

Sun. Oct. 14th

Pretty hot all day. Shirrard, the school teacher, was over to lunch and in the evening the supt. of the govt. farm near here was in to supper. Wrote to Ma and to Roy. Chirro cook and some of the taos pinched for playing monte. Rained all night.

Mon. Oct. 15th

Got up early and five of us walked back about twenty miles to Sumag to run another line from near Bacolod to here. Walked all day across rice paddies and got into Sumag about 4 P.M. Got a house and had a good sleep after the dogs quieted down.

Sat. Oct. 13th

Cooper went ahead to look up the country around La Castallana. Rest of us ran about two miles through big high cane. An old Spaniard came out and tried to stop us going through his cane, the last we saw of him he as headed for the house to get a gun. Fine day all day. Called on Shirrard in evening.

Fri. Oct. 12th

Went back to Gebong River and ran over four miles, brought the line into LaCarlota. Got a lot of papers but no letters. Got a package from Roy with a fine big piece of Lucky Strike, the best looking piece of United States that I have seen in a long time. Fine day all day. Guess the rainy season is over.

Thurs. Oct. 11th

Rianed hard all night and all day. Hill, Gard, and I left about nine o'clock and found the transit party just at noon. Worked in the afternoon and caught up with the transit party. The camp outfit got in about noon so they had camp fixed up when we got in at night and it did seem good to get some dry clothes again. La Carlota is a pretty town in the center of a big stretch of flat country covered with high cane. It is supposed to be about half way between Silay and Hinawaylau.

Wed. Oct. 10th
Still cold and rainy. Woke up and got ready to work to La Carlota away the other side of the Bago River. The transit party stayed in to help move while Hill, Gard and I went out on the line as the levels were behind. We ran until about three and ended up near a hacienda. We went over there and the haciendero talked English so we talked with him until four and started for Carlota. After walking about one hour we stopped at a hacienda and got a boy to show us the way. The roads were knee deep in mud and it got dark about six o'clock and we ploughed along in the dark for a couple of hours through the rain and mud, forded five rivers up to our waists and finally got into town about eight at night. Found Worthington at the school teachers but no camp outfit. The teacher let us have a blanket apiece and we turned in on a bamboo bed and slept the sleep of the just. Meanwhile the pack train was having troubles of its own. They left the Bago River about five, lost the road about dark and ploughed along across country through mud knee deep. The cariboas could hardly pull the carretones and the men had to help pull the carts. About eleven at night they pulled under a sugar mill, got supper and stayed there the rest of the night.

Tues. Oct. 9th

Went back the other side of the Sumag River. The tans that we left with the instruments the night before didn't show up until about two in the afternoon so we only ran about a mile. Still cold and rainy. The rice paddies are knee deep in water and work is a little disagreeable.

Mon. Oct. 8th

Hill, Gard, and I went back about four miles across the Sumag River. It rained hard all day and the river rose about six feet and was absolutely unfordable. We tried for about one hour to ford it and finally had to swim it. The current was going like __and Gard came near being carried down over the rapids. About nine p.m. the cocheros came in from Bacolod with mail and I got a letter from Ma and a postal from George's girl who wrote that Fanny McGay died the first of August.

Sun. Oct. 7th

Laid round camp and took a few pictures with the company camera. Barbered some of this outfit. Wrote to Ma and Abbie. Cloudy all day and rained at night.

Fri. Oct. 5th

Taking soundings again. Didn't take any in P.M. on account of wind. Move camp to-morrow.

Sat. Oct. 6th Dulao

Moved from Bacolod to barrio of Dulao, had quite a walk. First thing in morning Cooper fired White for talking in his sleep. Fine day all day.

Thurs. Oct. 4th

Stayed in camp and took up two rolls of pictures with the company camera. Sent to Manilla and ordered me a swell kodak. Wrote to Charlotte Perkins. In evening, Reese, Putnam and Capt. Smith took supper with us. Sent away a lot of postal cards. Rained hard into night.