Fri. August 31st

Ran some spur lines to get topography of land for terminal, and finished up at night just as it started to rain. I still have 20 sta to take so hope it won't rain long. Roberts and Rosario went back with the pack train. Telegraph line here is out of order so we can't get word of any steamer to take us back to Silay and we may have to walk.

Thurs. Aug. 30th

Ran about three miles and brought the line to an end on the docks at Dauao at sta 2565 +. Have a little more work around here then back to Silay. Fine day all day. Got a letter from Anderson on Cebu. They are going to start construction in September over there.

Wed Aug. 29th

Escalante. Moved into Escalante. Line about two miles from the town as yet. Ran about a mile this morning and got into a swamp so went back and started a new line and White and I quit and came into camp. Got mail from the States and I got letters from Ma, Ab, Bertha, and Couley. We are living in the convent here with the padre.

Tues. Aug. 28th

Ran 2 1/2 miles and are almost in sight of Escalante. Ought to reach there to-morrow. Move to-morrow. Cloudy and cool all day.

Mon. Aug. 27th

Ran two miles and quit opposite camp about a mile out. Fair all day. Not much doing.

Sun Aug. 26th

Laid around camp all day and wrote to Ma, Jo, and Poobs. Old Juan got fired for being drunk. Rained in the P.M. Rosario got back from Iloilo. Got papers but no letters or mail.

Sat. Aug. 25th

In camp at Jomb-Jomb. Moved in from Hoffer's place after work. Are living in the biggest shack in the barrio. It is a pretty place, set up on a hill right on the banks of the Damao River. The best thing about the place is that it is only four miles from Escalante.

Fri. Aug 24th

In tall grass and wild bananas all day so thick you couldn't see ten feet either side of the line. About half way between the Tamao River and Jomb-Jomb. Move to-morrow, and by Wednesday night we ought to be in Escalante. No rain to-day.

Thurs. Aug 23rd

Took 90 sta. of rough country. Transit party got lost coming in and came in after dark. Rained in the P.M.

Wed Aug 22nd.

Had a long hard walk back about three miles over the line and we didn't get to work until two. Only did a mile. Rained during the day and about all night. Guess we are getting into the rainy season. Will soon be into Escalante now.

Tues. August 21st

Moved camp to-day. White and I got lost, we started for camp at 2 o'clock and didn't reach it until after dark. This camp is away in the middle of the woods and it sure is a job to find it. We are camping in Hoffer's house near Buchauau's hacienda. Patsy killed a poisonous snake.

Mon. Aug 20th

Went back and ran some more line on the ridge back of camp. At last we are going to leave here as we move tomorrow.

Sunday August 19th

Went up to Faroau in the morning with Cooper and White. Fair all day. Got a bad stye on my eye so wrote only to Ma.

Sat. Aug. 18th

Took a little topog down in the swamp and got into camp early. Fair day all day. Rosario pretty well banged up. We had two hombres who called themselves the municipal police over here from Cadiz. They were barefooted and carried old Springfields. They had a good feed and went back to Cadiz without doing anything.

Fri. Aug. 17th

Went back and ran P-line from near Cadiz. Rained some during the day and all night. Got letter from Abbie dated July 11th. Old Rosario was over at Lopez house in the morning playing cards. One of the hombres got sore on him and laid for him when he came back to camp and policed him up in great shape. Gave him a bad cut on the head.

Thurs. Aug 16th

Went back pretty near to Cadiz and ran P-line crossing the river to the north of camp. Rained in the morning and all night. Got supplies from Iloilo and had a fine chow at night of mutton stew and real spuds.

Wed. Aug. 15th

Worked half a day and got in camp in time for lunch. Transit party ran O-line and it is no go. We have got to go almost back to Cadiz and try for a crossing away below here. Fair and hot all day.

Tues. Aug. 14th

Still looking for a line out of this cussed valley, guess we never will get out. Fair and hot all day. Out with the transit party running in some shore lines for topography. Mr. Farnham and Cooper went out ahead looking for a place to get down the ridge ahead. We may have to go back to Cadiz.

Mon. Aug. 13th

Hot all day. Had some rough topography way up in the woods. Seems like we never would get out of this valley. We have been here two weeks to-day trying to find a way out. We thought our line to-day would carry us out but it is in good and we may have to go clear back to Cadiz.

Sun. Aug. 12th

Hughes spent the day with us. We got paid off for June in the A.M. Hill and I went up to Faroau in the P.M. Saw Nichols. Wrote to Ma and to Abbie. Fair and hot all day.

Sat. Aug. 11

Fair and hot all day. First day with an assistant and it seemed good. Took 76 sta. of topog. On M-line. Hughes came over in the evening. Got mail from home, one letter from Ma.

Thurs. Aug. 9th

Pretty rough country to-day. Line in the big woods. Transit party on N-line. Having a hard time trying to get across the river on a .6 grade. Rained in the morning and hot the rest of the day.

Fri. Aug. 10th

Mr. Beard made his first visit to camp. Came down in the C.G._____.Had Brammert and tow other men with him. Brought my new assistant with him. Fair all day.

Wed. Aug.8th

Out on the line again. Took 74 stations of the roughest country I have had yet. Pretty hot all day and no rain. Mail came in from Cady at night and I got a letter from Abbie and one from Ira written soon after Pa died. Poor dear mother it must have been hard for her.

Tues. Aug. 7th

Didn't have any topography to take so staid in camp all day taking life easy. Wrote to Art Ward. Hot and fair all day.

Monday Aug. 6th

Stayed in camp and helped Worthington on the projected profile. I was caught up with the transit party so there was nothing for me to do in the field. Went up to the saw mill in the P.M and made me a topog. Rod. Shaved and Worthington clipped my hair for the first time since we left Iloilo. Saw some alligators in the river at night and we tied a dog on the bank and tried for a shot at them but didn't ________. Hughes and Porter came back from up river and spent the night with us again. Hot as blazes all day.

Sun. Aug. 5th

Mr. Farnham, Patsy, Weston and I went up to the saw mill above here on the river. Stopped at Gil Lopez hacienda on the way up and had refreshments. Got to the mill about ten and stayed until about 3:30. Had a good chow with napkins and a table cloth. Came back and wrote to Helen & to Boston. Mr. Hughes and a Scotchman who has been here since '91 came over in the evening and stayed all night. Fine all day and rained during the night.

Sat. Aug. 4th

Had any easy time. Took 1500 ft. of topog. In a swamp with water above my knees about half the day. Saw a bunch of monkeys Wrote to Andy and to Jr. Had a fine big total eclipse of the moon at night. No rain at all.

Fri. Aug. 3rd

Ran two mi. of topog. And meandered the Guimaghou River for about a mile. Transit party struck a swamp and only ran 2000 feet. I got through and got into camp by 3:30. Rained a little in P.M. Big cloud of grasshoppers on the hacienda. There is an American ex-soldier on this hacienda working as a foreman at a peso a day.

Wed. Aug. 1st

Fair in A.M. Rained in P.M. hard and had to quit early and come in. I got ahead of my two hombres and got lost; thought I never would find camp; these Filipino paths seem to all go in when it rains. Roberts came from Cadiz at night with mail. Got a letter from Boston. A telegram came from Beard appointing me topographer and ordering me to report to Hogue on Puay but Farnnham is going to keep me here. Everybody is sick in Hogue's party except the transitman.

Thurs. Aug. 2nd

Fair in A.M. Rain in P.M. Only had 43 stations to do and got into camp at noon. Worked a little in the afternoon locating the river. Transit party ran about 2 mi. Figured up month's work yesterday. We ran 49.9 mi. at a cost of $34.08 per mile.

Tues. July 31st In Camp

Rain in morning and at night. Took two mi. of top. Moved camp from Cadiz to the Lopez hacienda on the Guinaghou River.

Mon. July 30th

Fair all day. Only had a mile to do and got into camp about 2:30. Came in by boat down the river and through swamp. Fine moonlight night. We move to-morrow.

Sunday 29th

Sailing part of the day. Wrote to Ma. Rain in P.M. Gord rode back to Manapla and coming back he got lost and pulled in here at 2 A.M.

Sat. July 28th

Fine day all A.M. Wrote to Abbie at noon time. Had an easy run and came in by boat, got here just as the rain came down in sheets. Serenaded in the evening by an orchestra. They played "Home Sweet Home" and "Hiawatha", which has just struck this island and is very popular.

Thursday July 26th

Started in work and stuck at it all day. Cooper had fever at noon so we got a good long rest. Party ran tow mi. and we came in in a boat. Bought 58 pineapples for 1 peso. Calhoun decided to leave in the morning and Cooper goes to Ass.t Loc. Eng. Weston gets the transit and I get topography. No rain all day.

Fri. 27th

My first day as topographer. Worked alone all day with two native assistants and took 70 stations and meandered two rivers. We got a heavy mail at night and I got two letters from Jr. one from Abbie and one from Boston. Jr.s letter dated June 14th said that Pa passed away Sunday the 10th of June.
Pleasant all day.

Wed. 25th

Moved to Cadiz. Worthington and I walked over about 10 mi. and I was about all in when we got there. Living with Hughes the school teacher here in a fine house. Had a good bath in the sea. Am going to make another stab at work to-morrow. No rain.

Tues. July 24th

In camp. Feeling pretty lame and weak. Move to Cadiz to-morrow. No rain.

Sunday 22nd

Feeling better to-day. Laid round camp all day. Wrote to Roy. Roberts got back from Iloidlo with news of the other parties. Calhoun went to Manapla, he is going to leave some time this week. Fine day all day.

Monday 23rd

Felt better in the morning and went out on the line. Worked until about ten then had to quit and come in.

Thurs. July 19th

Another cold wet day. Still running on the G-line. Crossed the Sicalia River again and are looking for a place to cross the ridge ahead of camp. A typhoon came up in the afternoon, blew down trees and nearly blew camp to pieces. Quit work and came in about three in the afternoon. Feeling a little on the bum at night, headache and sore throat.

Friday July 20th

Woke up feeling on the bum. Went out on the line but had to quit and come back to camp. Lame all over and a fierce headache. Rained in the afternoon. Calhoun going to leave and is going back to the States.

Saturday 21st

Feeling a little better but didn't work. Gord came into camp sick this fornoon and the place is getting to look like a hospital. Still lame and dizzy. Didn't sleep much last night. Mr. Farnham has been away since Thurs. Looking up a line ahead. Roberts has been gone to Iloilo all the week for a blacksmith to shoe the pack ponies.

Wed. July 18th

Cold windy rain all day. Ran G-line, up with transit party. Ate dinner at a big hacienda and the owner trotted out refreshments and used us fine. Ran 107 stations. Calhoun went into Manapla at night. Shack nearly blew down during the night.

Tues. 17th

Ran F-line. Leveled 100 stations. Rained all day and the wind blew hard. At night it developed into a typhoon and the old shack nearly blew down. We got soaking wet and lost coming back to camp.

Sunday the 15th

Laid around all day telling stories and taking life easy. Read all the latest news from the States in a six week old paper. Wrote to Boston. Newpaper at a premiuim in this camp. Had a good chow at noon. Got mail at night, one letter from Ma and one from Roy both dated May 31st. Pa very low.

Monday July 16th

Fair and very windy all day. Ran 120 stations on the C-line. I fell down a gully and tore my wrist. Crossed a big ridge ahead of camp. No rain.

Sat. July 14th

Leveled across the Secabia River and about a mile besides. Ended up near camp and came in to lunch. Transit party came in too and we didn't work in the afternoon as it rained. Shack we are living in thickly peopled with chickens and lizards. Had a fine sleep all night until the rooster chorus started up about 4 A.M.

Friday July 13th

In camp near the Sicabia Riv. Ran about three miles over good going. Followed the transit party all day. Moved into camp in the evening. We are in an old nipa shack out in the foot hills away from civilization. We all sleep in one room and have to eat in a tent. Quite a come down from Manapla. Had a great time in the evening dosing up the hombres. They all wanted some medicine so we filled them up with double doses of compound catliartic pills. Got mail and I got two Boston Journals of the same date (May 31st), one from Ma and one from Roy, but no letters. Found out that Dartmouth won the Worcester meet.

Manapal Thursday 12th

Fair and cool all day. Leveled 90 sta. on the E. line while the transit party split up and took topog. Move camp to-morrow. Rodrigo thinks we are getting too far from home and wants to go back to Silay. A steamer stopped off here last night and an American, Mr. Johnson, who is interested in a sawmill at Cadiz came ashore and took supper with us.

Wednesday 11th

Fair all day. Ran 2 3/4 mi. of levels over good country and had a long walk back to camp with a good swim at the end of it. Manapla sure is a fine place.

Wauapla July 9th Monday

Started in as level rodman in place of Gord who took my old job as asst. top. Ran about two and a quarter miles of levels. Got word to-night that a lieut. and four privates deserted from the constabulary at Iloolo and are over here on this island looking for trouble. Rosario very sick down at Victorias. Terrific rain and thunder shower in P.M. Got soaked through and through. We are three miles behind the transit party and the going is fierce. Tall grass and deep ravines all the way.

Manapla Tuesday July 10th

Hot all day and no rain. We are getting around to the northerly end of the island where they don't have much rain. We ran two miles of levels over some of the worst country I ever saw. Covered with tall grass and large buried stumps and all full of deep ravines. Got some fine sugar at a hacienda on the way in. Mr. Farnham made the first projected location. Didn't sleep well at night, laid awake until after twelve thinking of the folks at home. Wish I could get some word from Pa.

Wauapla Sunday July 8th

Laid round all the morning. In the P.M. Patsy Weston and I got a native boat and went for a sail. Calhoun and Gord got a bigger one and set out to train us. We were about two miles from shore and about a hundred yards apart when their rudder broke. While they were trying to fix it they capsized and we had the laugh on them. We sailed up to them and took off Ridrigo and went ashore for help. Another boat went out and got them off and finally got their boat ashore. Got mail from home, one letter from ____ and one from Ma saying that Pa is no better and that Dr. Carroll says he may live until August. I hadn't realized that he was so sick and can't believe that I shall never see him again. I wish I could be home. It must be a sad time for them all. I wish I could help in some way, but even now it may be too late. In the same mail Gord got a letter saying that his brother is sick in the hospital and is not expected to live. Wrote home.

Victorias Friday July 6th

Hot and no rain all day. Ran out two rivers just outside of town and took about a mile of topog. Gord and I had a hard time getting across a river. Floated our truck across in the umbrella. No rain for three days. Had a call from the native teacher here in the evening.

Wauapla Saturday July 7th

Working near Victorias all day. Had a fine swim in morning. Transit party about three miles ahead of us. Walked into Wauapla at night. Are staying with Ferris and have a fine new house built right out over the water so it is good and cool and no mosquitos. Much better town than Victorias. No rain to-day.

Victoria Thursday, July 5th

Had an easy time to-day. Went back and ran out part of the Walago River. We all had dinner at our old hacienda, laid round a couple of hours and came back to camp. Mr. Faruban has gone ahead looking up a line. We move to Wauapla Sat. Wrote to Ralph Wilder. No rain all day and I came in with dry feet for the first time.

Wednesday, July 4th Victorias

The first Fourth I was ever away from home. Wonder how they are spending the day back in God's country. Suppose they are having green peas, lemonade and ice cream and all sorts of good things. We are going to have turkey as a change from chicken. Am getting ashamed to look a chicken in the face and expect I am sprouting pin feathers. We haven't had a day without eating chicken at least twice since we landed on Negros. Crowd taking it easy to-day after yesterdays strenuous work. This idea of not working hard in the tropics is getting to be an idle dream so far as our party is concerned. Wrote to Jr. in P.M.

Tuesday 3rd

Got up early and had just a cup of coffee for breakfast and worked clear up until about four o'clock then walked back about five miles to Victorias which we struck about six o'clock. Had a stretch of line to finish and if the stakes hadn't given out we would have been working yet. Whole party all in where we got in at night. Rained in morning. Holiday to-morrow, no work.

Monday July 2nd

Got up early and the crowd of us rode the pack ponies bareback to Silay. Got in there about noon and worked in the afternoon in a pouring rain running a D-line. Came in at night soaking wet and had no changes of clothes and no bed. Turned in on blanket spread on the floor and slept the sleep of the just. Lame as blazes from riding horseback.

Sunday, July 1st

Laid round all day enjoying life. Wrote to Herb and to Boston. A bunch of us got out the ponies in the P.M. and tried to ride them. We've started for the cockpit and knocked over an old native on the way. Rainy during the day.

Friday June 29th

Hot all day. Transit party went back to sta 284 and ran in c-line. We had a mile and a half of fierce topography. Roberts had the ponies out training them and we rode part way in on them. No rain until after we got in so we kept fairly dry.

Thursday June 28th

Meandered two rivers but didn't have any level notes so couldn't take topog. In water up to our necks all the morning and in the afternoon it rained so we kept wet all day. Got back to camp and found a letter from Ma and one from Boston, both dated May 19th. It looked good as it was two weeks since we had received any mail. A bunch of ladrones came into town last night and stole some money and a couple of women. There was a great ___ and running around but not much bloodshed.

Wednesday 27th Victorias

Had a big days work. Ran through grass about twelve feet high all day. Found a mistake in level notes. Robert and Farnham away all night looking up a place to camp. Rained all night. Rice paddies beginning to be muddy enough to be mean.

Tuesday 26th

Victorias. Had another easy time to-day. Got into camp at 3 P.M. Stopped at a big sugar mill just as they were pouring off a batch of sugar. Got a lot to eat. Rained in the evening. Good and cool and had a fine sleep. Transit party ran to sta. 648.

Monday 25th

Had an easy time to-day only had to run the Malugo River and take a mile of topog. Had a short walk and got in just before it rained. Transit party got soaked. Roberts arrived from Silay with the pack-ponies and two riding horses. Transit party ran 21 stations.

Sunday June 24th

Victorias. Coffee and biscuits for breakfast. Walked two mi. in A.M and had a fine bath in Malabug Riv. Rained coming back and all P.M. Wrote a long letter home. Crowd gone to a cock fight. Gord and I starting a beard. Guess I wouldn't look fine with a Van Dyke.

Saturday 23rd

Victorias. Hot in A.M. Weston and I about all in when we got to big hacienda at noon. The haciendero took us in and we had a good long rest and all the good water we could drink. Moved from Silay, sent our baggage by boat and when we hiked into Victorias the boat wasn't here. The native teacher gave us some supper and we hired a native house and turned in the bare boards with a canteen for a pillow. Boat came in about midnight and we got our cots and bags. Left our trunks and grips at Silay and are in light marching order now with all our stuff in a dunnage bag. Hot all day and no rain. Saw them making sugar at the hacienda where we stopped at noon. Ran through big cane fields all day. No rain at all.

Friday 22nd

Silay. Started in taking topog. Tools 2 1/2 mi. Transit party ran to sta. 312 and came in all beat out. I am feeling fine but don't sleep well owing to the hardness of my cot. Move to Victorias to-morrow. No rain at all.

Thursday 21st

Silay. Started in work in earnest this morning. Transit party made about three miles. Weston and I meandered two rivers. Hot in morning and rained all the afternoon. Cooper had his watch stolen and Gord had 60 pesos stolen last night. Arms and neck badly sunburned.

Wednesday June 20th Silay

Got the instruments out and adjusted them in the morning. In the afternoon we went out and made a map of the town. About 5000 natives followed us around and got in the way so that you couldn't see the transitman's signals at all. Having heard words to get native helpers. People here don't seem to be much in favor of a railroad. Kept awake at night by the stallions fighting around the house. Showers in P.M.

Monday June 18th

Laid round all day and worked a little helping with the baggage. Sent ten dollars home. Wrote to Abbie. We leave on the launch at 8 to-morrow A.M. Showers. "Patsy" fell off a horizontal bar while doing some stunts for the edification of a crown of admiring natives. Scared the natives but didn't do any serious damage to himself.

Tuesday 19th

Got up early and had breakfast at 6. Left Iloilo at 7:30 on an old tub named the "Ticulin". We made the 30 miles across here to Silay by 3l3f3n and then we had a fine time getting the baggage ashore from the steamer. We loaded the whole business into one big dugout and nearly sank it. We are living in a big house the home of the American school teacher, the only American in town besides ourselves. Unpacked the stuff and got the Chink cook started in business. Turned in early. Showers early in morning.

Saturday 16th

Sailing all day. The "Luzor" is a little 500 ton boat and wouldn't be much use in a heavy sea but we have had smooth weather and nobody was sick except Weston. Rained like time in the night.

Sunday 17th

Got into Iloilo about 11:30 A.M. Came ashore in J.G.W.&Co.'s launch the "Petrel". Quartered in the company's building here. Nash's party stayed on board and went back to Capiz. Rainy.

Friday 15th

Worked all the morning getting the baggage aboard. Left the dock at three P.M. in a pouring rain. Got my first mail sine I left Seattle, just as we were leaving the dock. Went aboard the gov't. coast guard boat "Luzor" and left for Iliolo at 5:20. Slept on deck as there were no stateroom accommodations.

Thursday 14th

Sawyer married last night. Rec'd the Dartmouth and Eng. News. Colbert took Johnson and I out to chow with Mr. and Mrs. Freeman from back in God's country. Supper tasted better than any meal I have had since I was home last February. Wrote to Boston this A.M. Will be glad to get out to-morrow. Hot as blazes all day.

Wednesday 13th

Shopping in morning. Worked in P.M. Howe's party left for Cebu on the 'Reyes'. Mail from the States on the 'Dorie' but none for me. Bought some Boston Sunday Heralds and got news of the Brown, Yale, and Harvard games and the relay race at Phila. Those papers are the best things I have seen in Manila. With Colbert in evening. We leave Friday at four P.M. Will be glad to get to work. Got vaccinated again.

Tuesday June 12th

Cooker. Worked about all day. Found Bill Colger Ghost walked.

Monday June 11th

Cooler to-day. Hung around office all day expecting to work. Rest of the gang came in this morning on the "Yaneusaug". Teachers coming to-morrow on the Rubi. Concert in the Botanical Gardens in the P.M. Howe's party leaves for Cebu Wednesday.

Saturday 9th

Hot all day. Worked on company baggage some. Luneta in the evening. Went to Orpheuin theatre in evening; hour show.

Sunday 10th

Went out to Nealabon in the morning. Wrote home.

Friday June 8th

Manila, P.I. Got into the bay about six A.M. Came up by Correigdor Id and Cairte and came to anchor about 8. Went ashore on J.G.W. & Co's launch, the "Hawk" and are quartered at the Grand Hotel inside the old walled city. Got baggage through customs and looked around town all day. Quaint old town with funny old Spanish buildings. Hotel an old Spanish affair with thick stone walls and an inner court. Went out to the "Lucenta" with Shorty in the evening. Band concert by a native band and a small turnout of the people. Hot as blazes but some of the people say it is a cool day for this place.

Thursday 7th

Hotter than yesterday. Colin and most of the sick one recovered. Due in Manila to-morrow morning. Having a fine sail. Captain says this is the smoothest trip in seven years. The deck for mine to-night. Showers during the night. Sighted lighthouse about 9:30.

Wednesday 6th

Hot all day. The "Teau" is a small boat, about 2000 tons and rolls considerably so most of the fellows were sick all day. We are traveling 2nd class and have a deck all to ourselves so can lie around and enjoy live. Pretty sunset and fine moonlight night. Slept on deck.

Monday June 4th

8 hours from Hong-Kong. Hot and sticky as blazes all day. Wrote home. Howe announced his engagement to Miss Norton and got the glad hand at dinner to-night. Financial situation rapidly ceasing to be a joke.

Tuesday 5th

On board S.S. Teau between Hong-Kong and Manila. Woke up in Hong-Kong harbor this morn. No quarantine. H.K. quite a wonder. English city with five large buildings and paved streets. Saw some wood block paving. Things very cheap as this is a free port. Relieved the tobacco famine. Hot and sultry all day. Left the Br. Steamer "Teau" for Manila at 6P.M. Slept on deck all night.

Sunday June 3rd

Between Shanghai and Hong-Kong. Getting rather warm; sure directly overhead at noon. Lovely warm moon-light night, stayed on deck enjoying it until quite late. Ways and Means Committee considering the financial affairs of the party, which look pretty dubious at present. Wrote a letter to Couley. Due in Hong-Kong Tuesday.

Saturday June 2nd

Between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Worked all the morning and half the afternoon. Got away from Shanghai about 3:30 this P.M. and are now on the last lap for the Minnesota. The water is yellow away out here on account of the rivers. Getting warmer. Fair day.

Friday June 1st

In port at Shanghai. When we woke up this morning we were anchored in the Yang-ste-Kiang River 15 mi. below Shanghai. Couldn't go ashore but stayed on board and worked all day. From what we saw of the natives around the boat they aren't much. There was a bunch of them gathering swill from the galley port his morning. A number of fights among the coolies on board during the day. The water is yellow with mud like the Missouri River at home. Fine day all day. Glad we don't have to get up for quarantine to-morrow morning at 6:30. No hot weather yet but suppose we will strike it by the time we get to Hong Kong.

Thursday 31st

En route from Nagasaki to Shanghai. Fine day all day. Worked all day figuring tractions tables. We are crossing the Yellow Sea but the water don't look any different from any other sea. The orders are that we don't go ashore at Shanghai without permission from E.J.B. Guess I won't go ashore as it isn't much fun when you are broke and about seventy-five per cent of the crowd is in that condition at present.

Wednesday 30th

Memorial Day in the States but it doesn't seem much like it here. The Cherry sisters were ordered out of the hotel, refused to go and if it hadn't been for the women siding in with them they would have been put out. The crowd chipped in and bought Mr. Willsher, the manager of the hotel, a couple of vases to show our appreciation of the way he acted during the affair. We worked in the morning and in the afternoon came aboard the ship which came out of dry dock this A.M. They are coaling ship this afternoon and it certainly is an interesting sight. There are about 1500 Jap men and women and they stand on stairways rigged out from the side of the ship and pass the coal up in baskets. We counted 40 baskets go up on stairway in one minute; there are about 30 stairways in all and each basket holds about 20 or 25 pounds so it don't take long. We took on 2000 tons in less than ten hours. Sailed at 10 P.M. for Shanghai and everybody was glad to leave Nagasaki with its sand pillows and mattresses and bed bugs.

Tuesday 29th

Fine day. Worked in A.M. In P.M. went to another ball game with the Jap school. We won 2-5 owing to the masterly pitching of Davis who struck out 15 men. In the evening two of the teachers known as the "Cherry Sisters" appeared on the street in kimonos. Added to the other crimes they had committed this was too much and the bunch caught them and ducked them in the bay. They called the police and there was a devil of a time generally.

Monday 28th

Cloudy in the A.M. Worked all day. Cleared off in P.M. Ladies go up a concert in the parlor after dinner.

Saturday 26th

Fine day. Johnson relieved the tobacco famine by getting a lot from the transport "Sheridan" which came in yesterday. Sat around and played cards about all day. In the evening went to a smoker while the Nagasaki Bowling Club gave to the party. It developed into a large and handsome time.

Sunday 27th

Several dark brown tastes at breakfast. A cold rainy day all day. Went over to the steamer in the P.M. Saw the I.D.L. steamer "Roon" in dry dock. She went aground coming through the Inland Sea.

Thursday 24th

Fine day. Loafed around hotel about all day. Worked on tables in P.M. Went up in tenderloin district after supper and saw fight between French sailor and a Jap.

Friday 25th

Another fine day. In P.M. went to a ball game between teachers and a Jap team. Japs won 15-9. They play a pretty good game and show effect of coaching. Imagine they are easy to teach the game. Visible supply of good American tobacco is getting low.

Monday 21st

Foggy in A.M. Reached Nagasaki about 4:30 P.M. Didn't go ashore to-night. Taken sick (later) with indigestion. And didn't sleep any all night.

Tuesday 22nd

Sick as blazes all day. Came ashore about two P.M. and went to bed. Ship is in dry dock. All the 1st cabin passengers are at the Nagasaki Hotel. We are packed in 4 to a room. The pillows are stuffed with sand or something hard.

Wednesday 23rd

One month from K.C. Felt better this A.M. Got up and went over to the ship. Stayed round the hotel most of the day and worked on some cost sheets in the afternoon. Cruised round town a little after supper. Fair day.

Sunday May 20th

Fine day. Left Kobe at 12:30 P.M. and sailed down through Inland Sea of Japan. Lots of little islands and narrow passages. Should reach Nagasaki some time to-morrow.

Saturday 19th

Fair day. Ashore in A.M. and walked around town being broke. Stayed aboard in P.M. and slept and read. Kobe not such an attraction as Yokahama.

Thursday 17th

En route from Yokahana to Kobe. Foggy and hot and muggy. Sailed along the sight of coast nearly all the way and reached Kobe 8:30 PM. Quarantine. Raining hard now so stayed aboard. Sat up nearly all night reading "The Spoilers". Fine book.

Friday 18th

Aboard in A.M. figuring tables. Warm and partly cloudy. Ashore with Worthington in P.M. Walked and rickshawed round the town and went up to a waterfall in the hills back of the town. Saw a Japanese funeral.

Tuesday 15th

A whole crowd of us went out on an expedition to the tea houses in the A.M. In the P.M. I stayed aboard until four then went ashore and got some of my clothes. Stayed aboard in evening.

Wednesday 16th

Went ashore on first boat and got the rest of my clothes. We sailed at noon for Kobe. Fine day all day.

Sunday 13th

When we woke up we were anchored off quarantine. About seven we were all lined up for inspection by the quarantine officers and during breakfast the ship moved inside the breakwater to the inner harbor. We all went ashore and the whole crowd hired rickshaws and did up the town until lunch. After tiffin we went ashore again and got measured for khaki and duch suits. There we took rickshaws and visited the Yoshivara. ___ the best and we stayed there about an hour. Came back to the ship and stayed aboard in the evening. It rained all day. There are a number of warships in the outer harbor including the Wisconsin, Ohio, Raleigh, Charleston, the German battleship Hausa and the French battleships. The Empress of China came in and moored near us during the afternoon.

Monday 14th

This was an elegant day and most of the crowd went up to Tokyo. In the morning Oliver and I got rickshaws and went for a ride out into the country. We stopped at a pretty little tea house and had tea and cigars while Sokuka and her friends entertained us with a few up-to-date songs including Teasing and a few others of the vintage of 1895. In the P.M., Moore, Oliver and I took a sampan and went over to the Wisconsin. Then we went ashore and visited Sokuka and her friends again. The rickshaw and sampan men have us all sized up for easy marks but we are getting wise to them. They ask where we are from and when we say "the Minnesota" they double the price. In the evening we went ashore again and went looking for the original #9 which we heard was away out in the country. We fetched up about four miles out of the city and were surrounded by about a thousand Japs who seemed to be all worked up over something. We gave them our regards and beat it. The rickshaw men were all tired out so we had to come back by trolley.

Saturday 12th

Nice warm sunny day, the first of the trip. Stayed out on deck about all day. We made a record run of 367 miles and at noon were only 237 miles from Yokahama. Mr. Hopkins won the prize in the ladies pool. In the afternoon we sighted some funny looking boats and to-night we passed through a whole lot of fishing boats. Our first bit of land was a light-house sighted about 6:30 P.M. We all sat out on deck and had a fine time to-night. This is getting to be something like. Got $15 advance money. Seems good to have money in my jeans.

Friday 11th

Same as yesterday. We made 357 miles and Jones, a teacher, won the prize. The ladies are getting up a pool and held their auction in the dining saloon.

Thursday 10th

Nothing doing: cold and cloudy. We made 248 miles and Walt Davis won the prize.

Monday 7th

Cold and rainy all day. Nice breeze astir all day and the boat had a fine side roll to it and there were several contestants in the lunch putting contests over the rail. Worked on earthwork tables a little. Made 345 knots.

Wednesday May 9th, 1906

Cold and cloudy all day. Figured on tables in morning. They are getting up a pool on the ship's run tomorrow. They had the drawing in the smoking room tonight and then auctioned off the tickets. My number is 329. We made 348 today and I should get to Yokahama some time Sunday.

Sunday 6th

Cloudy and cold. Loafed round all day. Wrote a little home to mail at Yokahama. Must write a lot more this week. We crossed the international date line about eleven this A.M. so it is really Monday now but they called it Sunday all day and are going to drop Monday the 7th so tomorrow will be Tues the 8th. Ship made 346 knots.

Fri. May 4th

Pa's birthday. Cold with snow flurries in the morning. We turn a bit to the south to-day. At noon we were in lat 52-13 and made 336 knots - the best days run so far. We are going into dry dock at Nagasaki. It is very calm to-day and the sick ones have all recovered.

Sat. May 5th

Cloudy and cold. Didn't go out on deck at all except about ten minutes after dinner. Figuring on earthwork tables. Ship made 352 knots, the best run of the trip so far.

Thursday 3rd

Much calmer to-day but still cold. We are up in lat. 52-22 now and not far from the Aleutian Ids. Saw quite a number of whales spouting. About 5 o'clock we sighted a sail dead ahead. We came up close to her and she proved to be the "Leir Burgess" three weeks out of San Francisco. We sent up a string of flags meaning "San Francisco destroyed by fire and earthquake on the 18th". I suppose it was the first they had heard of it. She was bound for Alaska. I have been assigned to Farnham's party, we go to Negros.


Cold and windy. Pretty rough all day. Got soaked by a wave while standing in the bow about 20 feet above the water. Only made 296 miles.

Tuesday, May 1st

Nothing much doing. Got vaccinated but don't believe it will take. Cold and blowy; got a bit rough towards night. Ship made 322 miles.

Monday 30th

Got up early and had to wait about three hours for breakfast. No more early rising for mine until we strike dry land again. We are out of sight of land now. A little bit sea-sick. I felt a little dizzy at times but got in my three squares all right. They had about a dozen meals aboard this ship. First there is a lunch which the cabin boy brings to your state room; then there is a breakfast at 8:30; then "tiffin" or lunch at 1:00; then tea at four in the dining saloon; then dinner at 6:30; and then a lunch at 10:00 for those who happen to be up as late as that. It was a little bit rough to-day but the ship is so wide that you notice the motion very little. The wind blew hard all day and toward night it set in foggy. Some of the crowd saw a whale this morning or said they did. The crew had a fire and boat drill in the P.M. They are all chinks and it must be a devil of a job to get any service out of them. Stood watching the office to-day and had a talk with Mr. Beard. Tried my hand at ring toss, shuffle board and another game they play by throwing biscuits at a board with the numbered squares marked on it. For the time ending at noon to-day the ship made 302 knots.

Sun. 29th

Reported at the Rainier at 8:30 and went aboard the steamer about 10:00. We got away at 12:30 only half an hour late. We had a beautiful sail out of Puget Sound. Getting a little knowledge of shuffle-board, ring-toss, etc. Wrote three letters and sent them off by the pilot. Found three letters for me, one from Ma, and one from Jr. with another one from the inside and never saw letters look so good before. The ship is fine but will write more of that later. Weston and I have stateroom 132 which is forward on the promenade deck on the starboard side of the ship. Now that I have this thing caught up am registering a solemn vow not to get behind again.